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Lubricating Locks

People are always asking the Heartland Lock locksmith what they should use to lubricate locks.

Our Locksmith says:  Especially in the keyway, I prefer a Teflon lubricant such as the Master Lock Lubricant (3 different sizes) MA-2311 - Master Lock Lubricant - Lg Canthat we sell under our “Locksmith Services, Keys, Parts” section.  These products, if used sparingly, don’t get on the keys and stain your clothing.

I am also a big fan of good ole 3-in-One oil, especially for shackles and other moving parts.  a drop or two of oil once or twice a year in key places will extend the life of your locks, prevent freezing and make them work like new.

While WD-40 is a great product, I do not recommend it because the very low viscosity of the lubricant penetrates well, but does not provide adequate of long-lasting lubrication.