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Key Numbers on Locks

Q. Is there a number on my lock that a thief could use to get a key made?

A. To my knowledge, none of the locks we sell have any visible markings on the lock that indicate the cut of the key

Many people see a number near the blade of a key and assume that it indicates the cut.  Usually this is just a number indicating the key blank number.

K7000B with Key Blank Number

Not having any marking showing the actual cut is is a good thing from a security standpoint, but doesn’t help you if you lose your keys…….so be sure to write down the numbers of the keys keep it in a safe place.

Key Numbers

Q: What are the numbers on my key?

A: There may be several different numbers / letters on a key. Often these numbers indicate the key code, especially if they are found on the bow (handle) of the key. It is a good idea to record these numbers and keep your notes in a safe place. Often, a new key can be obtained if you know the key number.

Numbers or letters near the blade of the key often only indicate the key blank used, but not the cut of the key.

K7000B with Key Blank Number