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Trailer Door Locks

There are many ways to lock the doors on a cargo trailer.

The simplest and least expensive way is to purchase 3 padlocks.  They can be keyed alike or keyed differently depending on your tastes.  The Master  #40 MA-40 - Master Lock Disc Padlock or Chinrose D-70 are the most popular choices sold on HeartlandLock.com and both offer a relatively guarded shackle.  The Master #37 MA-37 - Master Lock Padlock is also a good choice and all three of these are available in keyed-alike sets.  The Master Lock models can also be paired with many other Master Lock products such a receiver locks and coupler locks.

While a padlock provides some protection, the weak link (and where the thief is usually going to attack) is the hasp itself which is quite exposed.  The hasp is generally easier to cut than the hardened shackle of the padlock and often more accessible.

If you want better protection than a padlock, expect to spend more money, but you can get a lot more bang for your buck.  There are two products that we offer that stand out.

A few years ago, Trimax took a lock commonly known as a “hockey puck” lock and improved it just for trailer use.  The “hockey puck” was originally made by American Lock and was very popular in the vending machine industry.  People used them on trailers, but with the variety of trailer hasps out there, they often didn’t fit.

Trimax took the lock, made it thicker and made the pocket in the back taller and deeper so that it fits virtually all hasps found on trailers (including semi-trailers).  It is called the THPXL TM-THP1 - Trimax Hidden Shackle Padlock and is one impressive hunk of metal.  The THPXL’s main feature is that it almost totally covers the hasp.  Since the keyway is facing down (in most applications) it is fairly weatherproof and darn hard to pick or drill the cylinder.  They come in keyed-alike singles or in a keyed-alike 3-pack on the HeartlandLock.com website.

Finally, we present the Blaylock DL-80.  BL-DL80 Blaylock Trailer Door LockThe DL-80 was designed from the ground up as a trailer lock.  It features an aluminum body and a tubular key.  I have never seen a trailer hasp that it didn’t fit.  It is our best selling trailer door lock for both enclosed tag-along trailers and semi trailers.  It provides excellent protection for the hasp and is just darn hard to get off (so don’t lose your keys).

If you have any questions about any of these locks, feel free to email our Locksmith.