The device is a self-adjusting retractable wire reel device that is used to connect the electrical wiring of a trailer to the electrical system of the towing vehicle. *(Currently only available for flat 4-wire or flat 5-wire harness connectors, round wire harness connectors will be available on the market soon.) While mounted either on the trailer tongue / frame or towing vehicle, it allows the trailer wires to be extended or retracted as required though the normal movements necessitated when towing a trailer (i.e. such as turning a corner), that might cause unnecessary tension upon the wires, accidentally disconnecting them during transit.

Benefits of the device include:
Keeping the wires within reach of the operator at all times.
Continually shields and protects the wires from unnecessary exposure to weather extremes.
Protects the wires against low lying brush or road debris.
Protects the wires against damage due to dragging of loose wires.
Protects against unnecessary incidental contact by the operator. when loading the trailer.
Protects the wires from unexpected tension.

Independent Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to developing a better method in which the wires used for connecting the trailer lights to the towing vehicle are used, housed, and shielded, thus protecting the collateral investment of the owners. Our device offers solutions to several of the most common problems that surround trailer owners today.

What type of trailers can it be used on?
Utility Trailers
Horse Trailers
Live Stock Trailers
Automotive Car Hauling Trailers
Recreational Trailers

(Or any other bumper pull trailer that uses a flat wire connector.)

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of "The Reel-Deal" devices have a 3-year satisfaction guarantee on all parts, workmanship and ability to function.

If at anytime the device fails or becomes unable to perform as designed, please return the product to the location it was purchased.